How to setup MySQL authentication on JITSI

Jitsi is an open-source voice, video conferencing and instant messaging application. We can use it to easily build and deploy secure communication solutions. It is developed in Java and supports many telephony and instant messaging protocols.

By default JITSI comes up with no authentication set, means everyone can use your JITSI server for there video conferencing need. In order to setup a basic authentication you can enable secure domain on your JITSI instance. You can follow this guide to enable that on your server.

Now, once you have authentication enabled on your JITSI server you will notice that the users you created are not stored in the database. By default prosody (xmpp server) stores username and password in the memory. So let’s say if you guys want to integrate your custom app and want to generate bunch of users on JITSI then you not gonna like to execute prosodyctl commands on bash shell each time you create a new user. So to overcome this issue, we can enable mysql backend in prosody and can store the users of JITSI server in mysql database. Please hang tight as we proceed.

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