OpenSIPS Control Panel Installation and Configuration

OpenSIPS is an Open Source carrier-grade SIP proxy/server used for SIP signaling and can handle all types of SIP operations. It’s being used by a lot of telco providers, ITSP and carriers because of its reliability and performance.

Depend on the workload whether someone is using a single instance of OpenSIPS or multiple instances along with different modules makes management of this powerful SIP server very hard. With the latest release of opensips-cli we can manage and control different OpenSIPS instances from linux console, but when it comes to provisioning the new SIP accounts, adding a new gateway, creating a new dialplan rule and looking for CDR it’s hard and not a recommended way to do it from console.

So to overcome and enhance the ease of managing OpenSIPS server, we can use OpenSIPS Control Panel. It’s a PHP Web Portal that let us perform wide variety of actions on OpenSIPS server including interacting with modules, sending MI commands to OpenSIPS core, custom CDRs, monitoring and integration with 3rd party tools like Homer.

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