How to install Asterisk 18 on CentOS 8

Asterisk is an open-source PBX software. It is used to manage SIP sessions between endpoints. Asterisk is a very powerful server that can be used to implement PBX, IVRs, VoIP gateways and many more features. It supports many VoIP protocols such as SIP(Session Initiation Protocol) and MGCP(Media Gateway Control Protocol. It also supports many hardware devices such as analogue cards, PRI cards, etc.

Today we will be installing Asterisk 18.0.0 on Centos 8, which is the latest Asterisk release at the time of writing. Before we jump to the installation let us look at the major changes which the new release has brought with it.

Major Changes From Asterisk 17 to 18

Codec – H.265/HEVC is now an officially supported video codec. It can be used by specifying “h265” in the allow line.

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